Wycoff Family . Springfield, Missouri


Over the past year, I have become great friends with Travis and Amanda and their two precious little girls. That’s why, before I left Springfield, I knew I had to get some family photos of the four of them. Before the photo shoot, I won’t lie, I was feeling a bit nervous. You never know how a session with little ones will go beforehand because it all depends on the mood of the child at that specific point in time. If a child is hungry, in need of a nap, or just plain cranky that day, the session will not always go as planned. Because this was the last opportunity we had before I moved, I was terrified the session would totally flop, and we’d have no time to reschedule.

I’m happy to say, though, that this was not the case. Sweet Eveline and Temperance were so great and the absolute easiest kids to photograph EVER! Not only are they basically the two happiest kids on earth, they are also the most hilarious! I had a near impossible time trying to narrow down the pictures to highlight on the blog because there were so many awesome moments that happened during this session. I hope that as you look through the pictures you will remember what it’s like to be a child or to have a child. The sweet innocence of a child enjoying every moment of life is something that is absolutely necessary for us to remember as adults. I hope that you will laugh and smile as you take a look at the pictures below. As always–I love to hear your feedback and your comments, and of course, which pictures are your favorites! Your feedback is what helps me become a better photographer. I love you all for your constant encouragement.

To Travis, Amanda, Evaline, and Temperance – keep enjoying all of these precious moments as a family! I am so honored to consider you guys friends, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for always be awesome people that we can rely on for prayer and support. We love you and are praying for amazing blessings for your family!

Wycoff001 Wycoff002 Wycoff003 Wycoff004 Wycoff005 Wycoff006 Wycoff007 Wycoff008 Wycoff009 Wycoff010 Wycoff011 Wycoff012 Wycoff0013 Wycoff014 Wycoff015 Wycoff016


    • Jen Stem   •     Author

      You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing your family! I love you guys! You should be getting your dvd in the mail any day now! :)

  1. Heather Lamar   •  

    These are the most precious little girls! Beautiful family!

    • Jen Stem   •     Author

      Thanks for commenting, Heather! I love these little girls! They truly are precious! Hoping when I have kids they’re at least half as adorable! hahaha! :)

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