Unique Things To Do in Oklahoma


I have loved living in Oklahoma these past few months (almost 5 to be exact!). It has been such an adventure so far–the good, the bad, and the ugly (have you heard our mud-dauber story? That’s the ugly!). But with my sister in town for two weeks, I knew I had to keep the ugly away and find some fun, unique Oklahoma things for us to do.

The biggest obstacle in our way was the heat! If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the experiment we tried last week (baking cookies in the car) by clicking here. However, we didn’t let the heat keep us hiding inside all week long, and took our chances at seeing some pretty unique things that the Tulsa area of Oklahoma has to offer.

Below you will see some pictures from The Blue Whale and The Nut House, both of which are located on the famous Route 66. There is also a picture from The Port of Catoosa, as well as a couple from The World’s Largest Concrete Totem Pole at Totem Pole Park, located in Foyil, Oklahoma. We also did a lot of shopping, some browsing through Antique stores, went to see The Golden Driller, and also spent an afternoon at the Oklahoma Aquarium!

I love seeing unique things that different towns have to offer, and living right on Route 66 sure makes for a lot of unique places to go in the Tulsa area. If you live nearby or are planning on driving through, a recommend taking some stops at these different attractions. It makes for some fun pictures and you’ll be able to say you saw a giant blue whale, an enormous totem pole, and some other crazy, interesting things!

If you have been to any of these places or are planning on visiting, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below! Or maybe you have been somewhere else (like The World’s Largest Rocking Chair?) and would like to share about that! I would love to hear from you below!

Oklahoma001 Oklahoma002 Oklahoma003 Oklahoma004 Oklahoma005 Oklahoma006 Oklahoma007 Oklahoma008 Oklahoma009 Oklahoma010 Oklahoma011

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    Ooohh,that last picture. OW OW!(: Bahahaha thanks for having memiss you guys already!</3

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