The Owens Family . Claremore Lake

Owens Family 009

Last week I posted a blog featuring the beautiful Alyssa Owens! After taking Alyssa’s senior pictures, I also had the opportunity to take pictures of her entire family at Claremore Lake that same weekend. After church on Sunday, we hopped into the car and headed to the lake for a fun afternoon of family portraits! Even though our bellies were hungry and the wind was blowing steadily throughout the session, the Owens family kept great attitudes the entire time. The lake was beautiful and we didn’t have to worry about having too many people at the lake that day trying to photo bomb in the background of the shots. :)

I always feel blessed to have the opportunity to photograph an entire family together. Every family has a different dynamic because of the different personalities and structure that their family has. It’s so much fun trying to capture a family’s particular personalities in the pictures and is one of my favorite aspects about photographing people.

Below are some of the pictures I have chosen to feature in this blog post. What I love about these pictures is the laughter and the fun that comes along with a family that has four children. There is never a still, dull, or boring moment. I feel like I should emphasize this again. There is NEVER a still, dull, or boring moment. Ever. :) And I truly had a blast getting to hang out and laugh with this absolutely adorable family.

John, Treena, Alyssa, Lindsay, Gavin, and Jenna – Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your family! I had such a wonderful afternoon getting to take pictures of all of you together. Your love for one another and ability to laugh and enjoy yourselves was such a blessing for me to be around! Love you guys! :)

Owens Family 012 Owens Family 011 Owens Family 010 Owens Family 009 Owens Family 008 Owens Family 007 Owens Family 006 Owens Family 005 Owens Family 004 Owens Family 003 Owens Family 002 Owens Family 001

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