Seeing the World in Widescreen


I am so excited about some new changes in my life and on the blog. And yes, I just used the word excited in reference to changes. Change is often difficult or unwelcome, but sometimes it can be exciting as well! We’ve all heard the saying, “we are creatures of habit,” and we all know that it is basically true. However, I have been mulling over some new ideas for the blog section of my website and, with some changes in my life (and no, I am not pregnant), I have decided to take the plunge! Let me explain…

I recently went in for my first eye exam in quite a few years. Nothing has really changed with my near-perfect vision (score!). However, the doctor did recommend I get some glasses because my left eye focuses faster than my right eye, and the glasses will help my eyes from having to do the extra work to focus at the same time (thus, preventing headaches). And so, I took my doctor’s advice and now have a cute little pair of glasses to wear at work each day.

The problem with the glasses is that, for someone who has never worn them, it is a big change. Of course, this doesn’t come easy because I am not always the biggest fan of change. However, Jon has told me to think of it as seeing life in widescreen rather than fullscreen. Yes, looking at the change as an opportunity for something new rather than sobbing about the unfamiliar or unknown.

And this brings me to my changes for the blog. Rather than just showing the pictures that I take during sessions, I will now be adding more personal blog posts into the mix. This will include my thoughts, passions, testimonies, recipes, products I love—basically, whatever I find the need to write to you about. The most exciting part for me is that it will not only give me an outlet for some creative writing, but will also challenge me to take pictures for each post of items relating to it that I normally would not force myself to take. I’m excited to expand my photography skills while also having the opportunity to let you see a little bit more into my world.

So, I hope you will embrace this change with me. As I get used to seeing life in widescreen rather than fullscreen, I hope that you are excited about seeing the world through my eyes with some more blog posts on the way.

Glasses1 Glasses2 Glasses3 Glasses4

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  1. Jon   •  

    The glasses look awesome! Love ‘em! :)

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