I Heart Faces . By the Book


I love reading, so I was excited when this week’s I Heart Faces challenge entry had to have a book somewhere in the picture. At first, I wanted a picture with a classic book, but, with the progressing popularity of e-readers, I thought about how the “book” as we have understood it is changing quite rapidly. Now, instead of hauling around heavy boxes of books with torn pages and folded corners, we have the convenience and luxury of the electronic book and the option of downloading our newest read at the touch of a button. I will admit, I will always be a fan of the traditional book; however, the fact of the matter is that the e-reader is changing the world of reading as we know it so we might as well embrace all that it has to offer.

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Amanda Wycoff . Mary Kay . Giveaway


When I started blogging more on the website, my vision was to write posts that were not only personal to me, but that would also be beneficial to my readers. One of the things I hoped to do was showcase local businesses that I love, and today I bring you the very first post that does just this—showcases a business that I absolutely cannot live without. And what’s even more exciting is the giveaway that is at the end of this post! YES! Make sure to read past the pictures to find out how to enter!

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Quinoa Veggie-Table Pasta . Recipes


I was introduced to quinoa two years ago while working as a personal assistant to a woman inSpringfield. One of my occasional duties was to prepare a meal for the family—usually a new recipe that my boss was interested in trying. On one particular day, she wanted to try quinoa. Like some of you reading this, the thought going through my head was, “quin-what?”

I’ve come to learn that quinoa (aka “The Mother Grain”) is seriously awesome and seriously good for you. It stands alone as a complete protein grain and comes from a tiny seed no bigger than a mustard seed. It’s one of those “super foods” that you often read about or see on shows like Dr. Oz, but never really get the courage to try yourself.

I am here to change that. I am here to help you get the courage to try something new. I am here to share with you a recipe using quinoa veggie curl pasta that is super easy to make and so good that your family won’t even have to know it’s healthy.

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I Heart Faces . Best Face of 2011

Jon 3

I Heart Faces is an awesome website that I have been addicted to since beginning my journey with photography! As one of my goals for photography for 2012, I decided I wanted to try to enter as many of their weekly challenges as possible. It will be a stretch for me, but I’m excited for the challenge and to have an excuse to take more pictures every week! Taking pictures that truly capture special moments and memories for people to cherish gives me so much joy! I just love it!

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The Pet Post


If you know me personally, then you have probably heard a story or two about my two feline friends, Lady and Oreo. They are seriously two of the funniest little creatures on earth. They each have their own unique personality and will do some of the craziest things. But I haven’t always loved cats. I grew up always having dogs around and was so strong of a “dog person” that I even turned in a school paper once to persuade my readers why dogs are better than cats. As you’re reading this, you are probably leaning one way or the other. Yes. You have probably proclaimed yourself once as either a dog person or a cat person.

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The Gift of Giving


Christmas is over. The presents have all been opened, and everyone is gearing up for New Year’s celebrations. But I hate having to say goodbye to one of my favorite parts about Christmas—presents (I mean seriously, who does not enjoy the gift-giving part of the holiday season?). I love it so much, that I just don’t want it to end.

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