I Heart Faces . Happiness


When I saw that this month’s judged I Heart Faces Challenge theme was happiness, I knew exactly the picture that I wanted to use. This photo was taken at a session I just recently shot of our friends Travis & Amanda and their two little girls. Travis & Amanda wanted to take their girls to a local park just minutes from their house where they go to play with the girls often. We took only a couple of posed family shots, but then let the girls free to play. I love the honest and heartfelt pictures that I got from this session because I was able to let the family play together at the park like they would on any normal day. It is pictures like these that a family can look back at years from now and say, “Do you remember playing at that park all the time?” or “Remember all of the fun memories we made there?”

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Vince & Hannah Chapman . Wedding . Central Assembly of God


I am so excited for this blog post, as it is a glimpse into my first experience photographing a wedding! I couldn’t be happier than to have shared this first experience with such a wonderful and loving family that I have been blessed to have in my life. When the groom’s older sister, Ashley, approached me about helping her photograph the wedding, I was so honored to be part of the couple’s special day. As the second shooter, I spent most of my time taking behind the scenes photos of the bride and groom getting ready while Ashley focused on the formal shots. Because this was the case, you will not see many “typical” wedding pictures in the blog post. Instead, you will see the little details that will help tell the story of the happiest day of Vince and Hannah’s life.

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Wycoff Family . Springfield, Missouri


Over the past year, I have become great friends with Travis and Amanda and their two precious little girls. That’s why, before I left Springfield, I knew I had to get some family photos of the four of them. Before the photo shoot, I won’t lie, I was feeling a bit nervous. You never know how a session with little ones will go beforehand because it all depends on the mood of the child at that specific point in time. If a child is hungry, in need of a nap, or just plain cranky that day, the session will not always go as planned. Because this was the last opportunity we had before I moved, I was terrified the session would totally flop, and we’d have no time to reschedule.

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I Heart Faces . The Letter “N”

The Letter N

I Heart Faces has switched up the way they are doing their challenges and have started doing social media challenges. The current challenge is an Alphabet Challenge over The Letter “N” and I have chosen a picture of my brother’s necklaces. The coolest part about these necklaces, though, is not just how awesome they look, but that they support a good cause.

Let me explain. My brother’s necklaces are from Mudlove, which focuses on the principle of giving to others. As a company, the focus is mainly on providing clean water for people in Africa, but they also provide their necklaces and bracelets for fundraising purposes. That is where I heard of Mudlove, from a friend named Joe who was fundraising for a trip he took last summer.

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Coffee & Cozy . Giveaway


Would I call myself a coffee addict? Perhaps. It is hard not to enjoy the deliciousness that a nice, caffeine-infused cup of coffee can provide. I also love checking out different coffee shops. The atmosphere. The people. The wonderful smell. The artwork. Ok. Maybe addict is a pretty fitting word…

You can understand my excitement, then, when I saw that a friend of mine from Ohio started crocheting Cozies. What is a Cozy? I’m glad you asked! Let me explain a little more.

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Kitchen Experiment . Juicing 101


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and with all of the focus being on the color green, Jon and I decided that we needed to join the festivities by making something green ourselves! That is why, after a couple weeks of anticipation (and an awesome deal on a juicer from great friends of ours), Jon and I have finally juiced for the first time!

Disclaimer: Let me be the first to say that this is in no way a recipe post. It is, though, what I would call a “kitchen experiment.” 

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Goss Family . Downtown Springfield


It feels like forever since I’ve been able to get a blog post out! Since my last post about change, my husband and I have moved from Springfield, Missouri to Claremore, Oklahoma. The past month has been a blur, but I am excited about all of the blog posts that are about to come your way. I am so happy to be featuring the Goss Family as my first post after our transition. They are such a great family that Jon and I had the opportunity to know during our time in Springfield.

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