The Owens Family . Claremore Lake

Owens Family 009

Last week I posted a blog featuring the beautiful Alyssa Owens! After taking Alyssa’s senior pictures, I also had the opportunity to take pictures of her entire family at Claremore Lake that same weekend. After church on Sunday, we hopped into the car and headed to the lake for a fun afternoon of family portraits! Even though our bellies were hungry and the wind was blowing steadily throughout the session, the Owens family kept great attitudes the entire time. The lake was beautiful and we didn’t have to worry about having too many people at the lake that day trying to photo bomb in the background of the shots. :)

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Alyssa Owens . Claremore Lake

Alyssa 001

As most of you know, my husband and I moved to Claremore,Oklahoma last March and took the amazing position of Student Ministry Pastors for REFRESH student ministry. The past 8.5 months have been an absolute whirlwind, and as you’ve been able to notice, my photography has taken a bit of a backseat. When we moved to Claremore, I wanted to truly make building relationships with the people here my main focus and priority. I wouldn’t trade the decision to put a halt on photography to get to know people and build relationships because it has been so rewarding and so important to our ministry and lives.

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I Heart Faces . The Letter “T”

Tee Ball 001

It is my nephew Titus’ second Birthday, and in honor of the momentous occasion, I have chosen two pictures of him playing tee-ball for my entries into this month’s I Heart Faces social media photo challenge on “The Letter T.”

Titus is currently living across country, so we don’t get to see him as often as we would like. However, we got to see him not too long ago and enjoyed playing tee-ball outside.

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Peyton Henson . Baby

Henson Baby 019

The past month has been quite crazy and, embarrassingly, I have to admit that I have been quite neglectful in updating the blog. After acquiring some malicious coding on the site, I had my husband update and fix the problems and had planned on updating the look of my website before posting anything new on the blog. However, life happened, and we haven’t had the time necessary to get the those changes ready to be published. I hate holding off any longer on getting blogs posted…so…the updates and changes will have to wait a little longer.

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Courtney Ward . Honor Star Crowning


I am so excited for this blog post featuring Courtney Ward and her recent accomplishment of Honor Star Crowning in the Mpact Girls program that the Assemblies of God fellowship offers. It is a huge task for a young woman to complete, and I am so proud of Courtney for all of the hard work I know it must have taken for her to receive this honor.

I haven’t had the opportunity of knowing Courtney very long, but from the time I have spent with her, she is one of the most absolute genuine people I have ever met in my entire life. I am sure that those who know her well will agree that it is difficult to find someone as sweet and caring as Courtney is.

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