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Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and with all of the focus being on the color green, Jon and I decided that we needed to join the festivities by making something green ourselves! That is why, after a couple weeks of anticipation (and an awesome deal on a juicer from great friends of ours), Jon and I have finally juiced for the first time!

Disclaimer: Let me be the first to say that this is in no way a recipe post. It is, though, what I would call a “kitchen experiment.” 

Until a couple of weeks ago, I really didn’t know too much about juicing. Of course I had watched the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Infomercial at least a dozen times (no dramatizing), but that didn’t really explain everything there is to know about juicing. And let me admit, even after a couple weeks of research, I am still no expert. In fact, I didn’t even know juicing was this big craze, and I hadn’t even heard about the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead that has made juicing so popular. But, I am always excited to learn something new and to try new things. And I hope that my readers feel the same way–that’s why I have included our first juicing experiment as a blog post (and because…to be honest…it’s kind of fun taking pictures of all these colorful fruits and vegetables!).

I hope you enjoy looking at our first experiment in juicing. If you juice, I would love some feedback on your favorite recipes or tips that have helped you. If you have a recipe you haven’t tried because you’d like to know someone else’s opinion first, send it my way–I might just end up making it and creating another blog post just for you! Lets get some comments going! After all, the best way to learn is from each other! :)

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  1. Mary   •  

    I’m excited to find new recipes for juicing. I always do more or less the same one because I love it so much and KNOW it is amazingly nutritious. I got this from Oprah and Dr. Oz. Quantities of ingredients are flexible so taste test to determine. I add as much spinach as I can get my hands on. (Adding beets or carrots make the color brownish instead of the stunning green, so I do a separate juice with those.)


    • Jen Stem   •     Author

      Thanks so much for checking out the post and for the comment! I can’t wait to add some more blog posts specifically on juicing recipes! I made sure to say this wasn’t a recipe, because I knew the veggies I had grabbed wouldn’t taste very well all together! haha! The photographer in me just wanted some different colors to make the picture! haha. I’m excited to try your recipe! Thanks for sending it! Happy Juicing!

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