Goss Family . Downtown Springfield


It feels like forever since I’ve been able to get a blog post out! Since my last post about change, my husband and I have moved from Springfield, Missouri to Claremore, Oklahoma. The past month has been a blur, but I am excited about all of the blog posts that are about to come your way. I am so happy to be featuring the Goss Family as my first post after our transition. They are such a great family that Jon and I had the opportunity to know during our time in Springfield.

Eric, Adrianne, and Morgan were so great for bearing the cold morning temperatures so that we could do this shoot before I left Springfield. I am so grateful for their positive attitudes – I know it’s not always easy to put on a smile when you feel so cold! I love all of the pictures I was able to capture of this precious family interacting with each other.

I am sure you will enjoy looking at these pictures too! Be sure to take a look at Morgan’s awesome hat selections! And as always, I look forward to reading your comments and feedback! :)

To the Goss Family – thanks for being awesome and for being so patient! Hope you love these pictures as much as I do!

Goss001 Goss002 Goss003 Goss004 Goss005 Gossb001a


  1. angie Lewis   •  

    What great pictures of a great family!

    • Jen Stem   •     Author

      Thanks, Angie! They are a great family! :)

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