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Would I call myself a coffee addict? Perhaps. It is hard not to enjoy the deliciousness that a nice, caffeine-infused cup of coffee can provide. I also love checking out different coffee shops. The atmosphere. The people. The wonderful smell. The artwork. Ok. Maybe addict is a pretty fitting word…

You can understand my excitement, then, when I saw that a friend of mine from Ohio started crocheting Cozies. What is a Cozy? I’m glad you asked! Let me explain a little more.

A cozy is that protective sleeve you put around a cup of coffee to keep either the hot or cold from the beverage from numbing your fingers. You’ve probably seen some of the cardboard ones from your favorite local coffee spot. The problem with these, however, is two-fold. 1. If you are a coffee (or tea, or any kind of beverage consumer) then every time you use one you are wasting cardboard that could be used to make scratching posts for my cats :) and 2. They aren’t nearly as colorful or fun as the cozies Amanda crochets!

Amanda started crocheting as a hobby during her “free time” when she wasn’t busy studying Nursing at Malone University. She plans on opening an Etsy store at the end of this semester (score!) to help pay her way through the expenses of college. For now, though, you can check out her cozies, as well as some other awesome products she creates (scarves, headbands, etc) on her Facebook page and contact her there to order anything that you may be interested in. They are cute. They are creative. And you are helping someone get through Nursing School. Can’t be much better than that, right? WRONG!

It does get better! Amanda has decided to give two lucky readers a chance to each win a cozy! And these are not just your typical, boring cozies. Amanda’s cozies come made with a button so you can use them not only on the drinks you buy, but also on a mug at home that has a handle. Talk about useful! I bought two from her – one for my car to take when I buy a coffee while I’m out, and a second one for at home to go around my personal mugs. I LOVE them! And you will too!

To enter to win the giveaway, just follow the simple instructions below. Make sure you do the first two – they are mandatory to be eligible for all the rest. And beware! Amanda and I will be double checking the entries! Have fun and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cozy001 Cozy002 Cozy003 Cozy004 Cozy005 Cozy006 Cozy007 Cozy008


  1. Heather Lamar   •  

    These are too cute!! Can’t wait for your etsy shop to open Amanda!

  2. Amanda   •  

    Super cute! My best friend and I crochet all the time; this is good work and a super trendy idea.

  3. Amanda   •  

    Super cute! Keep up the good work, Amanda!

  4. manda   •  

    Those are adorable!!! Great giveaway.

  5. Jen Stem   •     Author

    Thanks for all of the awesome comments and entries so far! I just wanted to send a friendly reminder that you MUST like Jen Stem Photography and Crochet by Amanda on Facebook for all other entries to even be eligible! Please make sure you do this so we don’t have to delete your entries! How sad would that be?

  6. Samantha Bobb   •  

    Aww, totally missed this!! I want one!! lol :)

    • Jen Stem   •     Author

      Bummer! :( You could always contact Amanda on her Facebook page to purchase one! They are so awesome and are such an affordable price.

      For anyone else out there who may have missed the contest, make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on all the contests! :)

      And on a totally unrelated note…I miss you, Sam!

      • Samantha Bobb   •  

        I may have to do that! Miss you too…lots!

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