Christmas Cookie Traditions


Christmas traditions. We all have some that we celebrate every year. What is your absolute favorite—the one thing that you can’t get through the holiday season without doing? For me, I love every tradition that goes along with Christmas. However, there is one that I have to do every year or it just doesn’t seem like Christmas—bake my great-grandma Hill’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious sugar cookies.

I don’t remember too much about my great-grandma Hill, but the memories I have are ones that I hold on to dearly. Not only did she make fabulous cookies, but she also introduced me to my first root beer float. I remember going to her house as a kid and playing in the attic with all of my cousins, looking at all of the treasures collected up there. I also remember her giant doll house and playing “farmer in the dell.”

When she passed away, my Papa said something along these lines: “It’s the memories of people that will get you choked up every time.” Though I don’t remember every little detail about my great-grandma, I do have memories that make me think of her and miss her. But those memories, especially her Christmas sugar cookies, are what keep her around with us today.

When I make great-grandma Hill’s sugar cookies, I am reminded of the amazing woman that she was. I hope that the tradition I have started of making her cookies every year will be something that my future great-grandchildren will think back and remember me by.

We all have traditions that we hold dear. But it’s probably not just for tradition’s sake that we do them every year. The real reason we keep the traditions that we do is the memories and the people that are associated with them. This Christmas season, make your traditions count, for you never know which ones you may one day be remembered by.

As always, I appreciate your feedback both on this blog and on the pictures below. Please feel free to include some of your favorite holiday traditions as well. From my home to yours, I pray you have a Merry Christmas! God bless!

Cookies001 Cookies002 Cookies003 Cookies004 Cookies005 Cookies006Cookies007 Cookies008


  1. kathy draher   •  

    i miss her this time of year. she did instill family traditions in us, didn’t she? nice blog

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      She did! And I want you to know that when I make these cookies, I always think of you as well. Thank you for carrying on her sugar cookie recipe! :)

  2. Emily D   •  

    this is really nice =) i LOVE oreo in the last one!!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thank you, Emily! I’m glad you love the one of Oreo…I had to take a minute to stop scolding her and take this picture because she’s just so darn cute!

  3. rachel   •  

    Brilliant pictures Jen!(: Love all of them!(: and Oreo is just so darn cuuutteee!:D

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