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Happy National Cheesecake Day! I must admit, I am extremely excited to be participating in this wonderful day with an awesome Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip recipe! And WOW! It’s super delicious and addicting!

I first pinned this recipe from Pinterest months back with the full expectation of making it sooner rather than later. However, National Cheesecake Day is the perfect reason to indulge! It’s super simple and requires no baking! The perfect summer dessert, especially with all of this hot weather we’ve been having recently!

But, my favorite part about this recipe is how versatile it is! If you don’t like chocolate chips, add something else! Maybe Heath Bar bits, toffee bits, Butterfinger bits…the possibilities are seriously limitless! And as if that isn’t enough, it would also make an incredible fruit dip! I am so excited I found this recipe and encourage you to check out the original recipe post here.  This website has some other awesome looking recipes that I have put on my to-do list to try later! YUMM! I can’t wait!

My only suggestion for this recipe is doubling it! Seriously! One recipe will not be enough! Should I say it again? DOUBLE THE RECIPE! You won’t be sorry!

Check out the pics below of the awesome time my sister and I had making this recipe together!

CheesecakeDip001 CheesecakeDip002 CheesecakeDip003 CheesecakeDip004 CheesecakeDip005 CheesecakeDip006 CheesecakeDip007 CheesecakeDip008

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