Christmas Cookie Traditions


Christmas traditions. We all have some that we celebrate every year. What is your absolute favorite—the one thing that you can’t get through the holiday season without doing? For me, I love every tradition that goes along with Christmas. However, there is one that I have to do every year or it just doesn’t seem like Christmas—bake my great-grandma Hill’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious sugar cookies.

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Seeing the World in Widescreen


I am so excited about some new changes in my life and on the blog. And yes, I just used the word excited in reference to changes. Change is often difficult or unwelcome, but sometimes it can be exciting as well! We’ve all heard the saying, “we are creatures of habit,” and we all know that it is basically true. However, I have been mulling over some new ideas for the blog section of my website and, with some changes in my life (and no, I am not pregnant), I have decided to take the plunge! Let me explain…

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Gobs . Recipes

Gobs 4

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to finally have a new lens for my Nikon! It took me a while to decide on a model, but now that I have the 50mm in my hands, I know that I made the right decision. I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to learn the ins and outs of lens – so, while cooking my mom’s famous dessert “Gobs” (also known as whoopie pies), I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the process.

I am in no way a cooking expert and have actually had quite a few unfortunate blunders in the past while being in the kitchen (like the time I put eggs in no-bake cookies…or the time I ruined Easy Mac by microwaving the noodles without water). However, I have gotten better at following recipes and thought that I would share this wonderful recipe with all of you.

I hope that you try them and enjoy them! They are absolutely delicious! And as always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback below!

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Alaska 21

When I first started this site, I had no intention of doing much, if any, landscape photography. I get so much joy out of taking photographs of people, that I thought there couldn’t be much fun in taking pictures of landscapes. However, when my husband and I decided to take a week trip to Alaska where he grew up, I jumped at the opportunity to dabble into landscape photography. I am so happy that I did. Even though I thought I would miss capturing the “personality” of the person being photographed, I quickly found myself being faced with a new set of challenges and rewards – trying to truly capture the bright colors and beautiful, breath-taking scenary of Alaska. My goal was to use this opportunity to the fullest, trying to find the best lighting to capture the most vivid colors and best depth of field that would truly make the landscape of Alaska pop. With all of the different elements to take into consideration, I found that landscape photography really can be as enjoyable as taking portraits.

We stayed in the Anchorage area for most of the trip. In this blog post, you will see pictures of Flat Top Mountain, Portage Glacier, Whittier, Mt. McKinley, The Coastal Trails, Alyeska Ski Resort, and other random spots in and near the city of Anchorage. I encourage you to take a moment to closely look over each picture carefully – I have included some sillouetted people in a couple so you can see how large everything is in comparison. And, as always, your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!

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