bobby hill . downtown springfield

Bob 02

I must admit, I was quite nervous going into the session with Bobby because, if you know anything about him, you know how amazingly artistic he is in every way. I knew that I would be stretched creatively and forced to think outside the box of “normal” portrait photography. However, Bobby’s fun and upbeat personality quickly made my worries go away as we discovered the hidden beauty of downtown Springfield. Personally, I have always been intrigued by the different people I have come into contact with downtown. This session forced me to open my eyes to the equally unique art and graffiti that plasters every wall and alley. It is not always easy to allow yourself to be stretched. However, the results are always worth it in the end. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am with how the pictures from this session turned out.

Bobby – Thanks for forcing me to think differently in an effort to bring out your creative personality. You have been given such a wonderful gift, and I love to see the drawings and paintings that you come up with. Your creative personality  is so inspirational to all of the people that you are around. You have been an inspiration in my life and now in my photography. I am excited to see the influence that you will have on others in the future as well.

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rachel hill . memorial park

Rachel 19

I was so excited to have the chance to photograph my little sister, Rachel, while I was in Ohio for my cousin’s wedding. Rachel is not only my sister, but the most beautiful person I know—her energy, smile, and love for life are clearly visible in each and every picture I took of her. We had so much fun on our adventure to the Memorial Park in Canton, Ohio. The day was absolutely perfect, and the park was filled with people walking, picnicking, and having a good time. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for taking pictures of a genuinely beautiful person!

Rachel—I’m so proud of the person that you are growing up to be. I couldn’t have asked for a better little sister—you are a truly a blessing! I love you and I can’t wait to see the amazing things that are ahead in your future!

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jon stem . commercial street

Jon 1

Thank you for coming and checking out the first post as I blog about my new photography adventures! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to share this journey with you. Please take a moment to look around, read the “about me” section, and connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if you don’t already.

I am honored to have my husband, Jon, as the focus of my first post. Not only is he my husband, but he is my biggest supporter and the one who encouraged me to follow my passion of photography. Jon and I took a “mini-date” out to enjoy the hidden beauty of Commercial Street. He was such a sport for being the guinea pig of my first photography session! Jon—I love you and I appreciate all that you are and all that you do for me. Thank you for making this blog possible. I love you!

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