Courtney Ward . Honor Star Crowning


I am so excited for this blog post featuring Courtney Ward and her recent accomplishment of Honor Star Crowning in the Mpact Girls program that the Assemblies of God fellowship offers. It is a huge task for a young woman to complete, and I am so proud of Courtney for all of the hard work I know it must have taken for her to receive this honor.

I haven’t had the opportunity of knowing Courtney very long, but from the time I have spent with her, she is one of the most absolute genuine people I have ever met in my entire life. I am sure that those who know her well will agree that it is difficult to find someone as sweet and caring as Courtney is.

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Caleb & Samantha Foster . Wedding


For the past couple of months I have been gearing up to shoot my first wedding all by myself. I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous. In fact, I was pretty much a basket case as I laid in bed unable to sleep the night before. However, the morning of the wedding I woke up and felt ready to face the day before me. I grabbed my bag,  made sure I had everything I could possibly ever need, and left for a day that I will forever remember as the first wedding I photographed as a solo photographer.

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Madi & Savannah . Friend Post . Downtown Springfield


I am loving, loving, loving the way the pictures turned out from a photo session of friends Madi & Savannah. I have known Madi & Savannah for five years now and have seen them go from sweet junior highers into beautiful and talented young adults. The thing that I love about their personalities and their friendship is so evident in the pictures–Savannah is such a joyful person who loves to laugh, and Madi says and does some of the most hilarious things ever because she loves to make people laugh. Their friendship is perfect! After the photo shoot as I was going through the photos, there were so many where Savannah is cracking up after Madi said or did something completely off-the-wall! I can’t help but smile and laugh every time I look at the pictures!

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Behind the Scenes . The Lacquerologist


I am so excited to bring you this post on a behind-the-scenes-look at Emily, The Lacquerologist! When Emily first started her blog on nail lacquer and nail art, I knew I HAD to get some pictures of her amazing work and show them off here! If this is your first time seeing her work, I encourage you to take some time and check out everything she is doing on her blog! You surely won’t be disappointed in what she has to offer the world of beauty!

If you are already an avid fan and loyal follower of The Lacquerologist, I want to say welcome to my blog! I am a beginning photographer with a passion for blogging–so I mixed the two together to create what you are seeing now! I would love for you to take some time to check out my website, like me on facebook, or subscribe to the blog! You can also follow me on twitter or pinterest. I love connecting with people, so if you have a blog yourself, feel free to leave the url in a comment below!

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Vince & Hannah Chapman . Wedding . Central Assembly of God


I am so excited for this blog post, as it is a glimpse into my first experience photographing a wedding! I couldn’t be happier than to have shared this first experience with such a wonderful and loving family that I have been blessed to have in my life. When the groom’s older sister, Ashley, approached me about helping her photograph the wedding, I was so honored to be part of the couple’s special day. As the second shooter, I spent most of my time taking behind the scenes photos of the bride and groom getting ready while Ashley focused on the formal shots. Because this was the case, you will not see many “typical” wedding pictures in the blog post. Instead, you will see the little details that will help tell the story of the happiest day of Vince and Hannah’s life.

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Wycoff Family . Springfield, Missouri


Over the past year, I have become great friends with Travis and Amanda and their two precious little girls. That’s why, before I left Springfield, I knew I had to get some family photos of the four of them. Before the photo shoot, I won’t lie, I was feeling a bit nervous. You never know how a session with little ones will go beforehand because it all depends on the mood of the child at that specific point in time. If a child is hungry, in need of a nap, or just plain cranky that day, the session will not always go as planned. Because this was the last opportunity we had before I moved, I was terrified the session would totally flop, and we’d have no time to reschedule.

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