eric & aimee – rutledge-wilson farm

Hernando 004

“There is something wrong with the system.” These are the words we often hear when people talk about the welfare system, the education system, the legal system, the health care system, etc. We often hear these words, as well, when it comes to the foster care system. However, though every system may have its own set of faults and short-comings, there is good that can come from the systems that have been put in place. Eric and Aimee are part of what makes the foster care system work. For the past year, they have completely opened up their hearts to give children a place to call home.

Eric and Aimee decided to take their boys (whom we will refer to as “Big” and “Little” for their safety and privacy) to visit a pumpkin patch for the first time in their lives. They invited me along to get some family photos, also a first-time occurrence for Big and Little. Though I cannot show pictures of the boys’ faces, you can imagine some of the shots I got–wide-eyed excitement to pick up all of the different sized pumpkins in the patch, big-toothed grins while playing in the hay, and lots of laughs while riding in a little wagon. There may be some things that aren’t perfect with the foster care system, but when you see people like Eric and Aimee give all of themselves to impact the lives of these kids, there is definitely something right going on. Let them serve as a great reminder that it is the people that open up their hearts and their lives to better someone else’s that can really make a difference and an impact in this world.

Eric and Aimee – You are both such an inspiration to all of the people that you come into contact with. Thank you for being willing to open up your hearts and your lives to serve and help other people. One day I hope to be half as great of a parent as you two are to these boys.

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family shoot . sunset beach

SunsetBeach 002

In my opinion, there are few things more enjoyable than taking a family vacation to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Sunset Beach is a small barrier island located on the southeast coast of North Carolina, halfway between Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC. This summer, I had the opportunity to take my husband for the first time to enjoy the beach with the extended family on my dad’s side, which currently spans four generations. Though we missed having my younger brother there, we were able to have a wonderful time together as a family on the sandy beach, riding the waves, eating meals together, and partaking in numerous rounds of mini golf and dishes of Calabash Creamery ice cream! I can’t even begin to explain how abundantly blessed I am to be part of such a tight-knit family that enjoys spending time with one another.

To the Hills, Heidys, Drahers, Dunnivans, and Leatherberrys – Thank you for making this photo shoot extra special for me. I had so much fun getting to spend time with all of you. I hope that these pictures capture the memories we have made as a family at a place that will forever be in all of our hearts. I love you guys!

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