Birthday Party . Gavin & Jenna Owens

Owens Birthday 001

Last Saturday, I attended one of the best thrown “themed” Birthday parties I have ever been to. Not only that, but I had the opportunity to take pictures of the entire extravaganza! Seeing a room full of preschoolers and their parents enjoying the Carnival themed party was nothing short of an absolute blast! And it was quite the carnival! Large inflatables, food, games, prizes, cake, a clown, and presents; it was what every child (and adult!) thinks of when they dream of what their ultimate Birthday Party would be.

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The Mizera Family . Rogers State University

Mizera Family 007

Last weekend I photographed this absolutely adorable family on the campus of Rogers State University. The day was extremely grey and cloudy, but the Mizera family’s brightly colored vests and equally “bright” personalities made for some great pictures and a fun session! RSU was a great location for picturing taking, especially early on a Saturday morning when most of the students were either traveling back home or still asleep in their dorm rooms. I always enjoy getting to take photos and not have to worry about people “photo-bombing” in the background. :)

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The Owens Family . Claremore Lake

Owens Family 009

Last week I posted a blog featuring the beautiful Alyssa Owens! After taking Alyssa’s senior pictures, I also had the opportunity to take pictures of her entire family at Claremore Lake that same weekend. After church on Sunday, we hopped into the car and headed to the lake for a fun afternoon of family portraits! Even though our bellies were hungry and the wind was blowing steadily throughout the session, the Owens family kept great attitudes the entire time. The lake was beautiful and we didn’t have to worry about having too many people at the lake that day trying to photo bomb in the background of the shots. :)

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Peyton Henson . Baby

Henson Baby 019

The past month has been quite crazy and, embarrassingly, I have to admit that I have been quite neglectful in updating the blog. After acquiring some malicious coding on the site, I had my husband update and fix the problems and had planned on updating the look of my website before posting anything new on the blog. However, life happened, and we haven’t had the time necessary to get the those changes ready to be published. I hate holding off any longer on getting blogs posted…so…the updates and changes will have to wait a little longer.

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Wycoff Family . Springfield, Missouri


Over the past year, I have become great friends with Travis and Amanda and their two precious little girls. That’s why, before I left Springfield, I knew I had to get some family photos of the four of them. Before the photo shoot, I won’t lie, I was feeling a bit nervous. You never know how a session with little ones will go beforehand because it all depends on the mood of the child at that specific point in time. If a child is hungry, in need of a nap, or just plain cranky that day, the session will not always go as planned. Because this was the last opportunity we had before I moved, I was terrified the session would totally flop, and we’d have no time to reschedule.

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Goss Family . Downtown Springfield


It feels like forever since I’ve been able to get a blog post out! Since my last post about change, my husband and I have moved from Springfield, Missouri to Claremore, Oklahoma. The past month has been a blur, but I am excited about all of the blog posts that are about to come your way. I am so happy to be featuring the Goss Family as my first post after our transition. They are such a great family that Jon and I had the opportunity to know during our time in Springfield.

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the bottchers . family portraits

Bottchers 001

You will not meet any two people who have more joy and excitement for life than Jason and Georgina Bottcher. I am convinced that the world is a brighter place because they are here. It is people like Jason and Georgina who take any situation, laugh about it, and know that it will all work out just fine in the end. They are the “glass half full,” “lemonade out of lemons” type of people that the rest of the world wishes to be like. The attitude that Jason and Georgina have is absolutely contagious – I love to be around them because they make me a more joyful person. It’s not surprising, then, that their 7 month old son, Austin, would have the same personality they have. He was such a great baby to work with – happy, smiling, and giggling – even though he had already had such a long day because of a meeting that lasted longer than anticipated.

Unfortunately, this meeting caused our photography session to begin later than expected, and we lost sunlight rather quickly. Rather than be upset about this, I had to take it as Jason and Georgina would and make the best out of the situation. I was able to experiment with Photoshop more and try different editing techniques that I normally wouldn’t have taken the time to try. Lighting. Exposure. Textures. There is an endless world of possibilities. It was great to dive a little further into some of these things. And I must admit, I’m pretty thrilled with the results.  I would love to get your feedback too! Please feel free to add a comment to the bottom of this blog post letting me know which ones are your favorites and why! I love hearing what you have to say!

Jason and Georgina – It was so great to spend time with you both and get to know little Austin a bit better! Your family is truly precious and a joy to be around. I appreciate your ability to laugh at life and at yourselves–trying to be more like you helps me not take life too seriously. Don’t ever lose that wonderful spark in your personalities! It is so needed for all of the people in this world that you will come into contact with! Love you guys!

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