I Heart Faces . Happiness


When I saw that this month’s judged I Heart Faces Challenge theme was happiness, I knew exactly the picture that I wanted to use. This photo was taken at a session I just recently shot of our friends Travis & Amanda and their two little girls. Travis & Amanda wanted to take their girls to a local park just minutes from their house where they go to play with the girls often. We took only a couple of posed family shots, but then let the girls free to play. I love the honest and heartfelt pictures that I got from this session because I was able to let the family play together at the park like they would on any normal day. It is pictures like these that a family can look back at years from now and say, “Do you remember playing at that park all the time?” or “Remember all of the fun memories we made there?”

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I Heart Faces . The Letter “N”

The Letter N

I Heart Faces has switched up the way they are doing their challenges and have started doing social media challenges. The current challenge is an Alphabet Challenge over The Letter “N” and I have chosen a picture of my brother’s necklaces. The coolest part about these necklaces, though, is not just how awesome they look, but that they support a good cause.

Let me explain. My brother’s necklaces are from Mudlove, which focuses on the principle of giving to others. As a company, the focus is mainly on providing clean water for people in Africa, but they also provide their necklaces and bracelets for fundraising purposes. That is where I heard of Mudlove, from a friend named Joe who was fundraising for a trip he took last summer.

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I Heart Faces . Hearts


I am so stoked about this week’s I Heart Faces challenge – HEARTS! There couldn’t be a more appropriate challenge with today being Valentine’s Day! And I have to admit that even though Valentine’s Day has gotten a bad reputation as a “Hallmark Holiday,” I am honestly a huge fan of taking a day to show the one you love how much you care. Sure, you should show it in some way every day, but there is just something magical about Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, it’s because I have a super awesome Valentine that I love so much! Doesn’t that make you want to say, “aw.”

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I Heart Faces . By the Book


I love reading, so I was excited when this week’s I Heart Faces challenge entry had to have a book somewhere in the picture. At first, I wanted a picture with a classic book, but, with the progressing popularity of e-readers, I thought about how the “book” as we have understood it is changing quite rapidly. Now, instead of hauling around heavy boxes of books with torn pages and folded corners, we have the convenience and luxury of the electronic book and the option of downloading our newest read at the touch of a button. I will admit, I will always be a fan of the traditional book; however, the fact of the matter is that the e-reader is changing the world of reading as we know it so we might as well embrace all that it has to offer.

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I Heart Faces . Best Face of 2011

Jon 3

I Heart Faces is an awesome website that I have been addicted to since beginning my journey with photography! As one of my goals for photography for 2012, I decided I wanted to try to enter as many of their weekly challenges as possible. It will be a stretch for me, but I’m excited for the challenge and to have an excuse to take more pictures every week! Taking pictures that truly capture special moments and memories for people to cherish gives me so much joy! I just love it!

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