Capturing Beauty Series . Post 2


Fall is by far my favorite of the seasons. It’s hard not to find beauty everywhere you look. The brisk air, the colors of the changing leaves, and the feeling that the holidays are right around the corner make this easily the most exciting time of the year! Sure, summer is great, and winter snow brings fun times of sledding, but there is just something about the autumn months that make me internally happy and bring serious joy to my life.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that the fall leaves and colors make up half of the pictures in the second post to the Capturing Beauty Series featured on the blog (if you missed the first Capturing Beauty Series post, you should check it out here). I hope that the second post encourages you to take an extra moment the next time you are outside to stop, look around, and enjoy the beauty that God has created for us in the changing leaves, trees, and colors all around.

It’s important to take these moments. Our lives move fast. The seasons change fast. And if we don’t stop for these little moments and enjoy the beauty that is offered to us, we will never realize what the true meaning of life really is.

Please take a moment to look at the pictures below and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite picture is or something about fall that you enjoy. Then, you should hop over to my husband’s blog post on The Changing Seasons so that you can have even more awesomeness in your life!

CapturingBeauty2.01 CapturingBeauty2.02 CapturingBeauty2.03 CapturingBeauty2.04 CapturingBeauty2.06 CapturingBeauty2.07 CapturingBeauty2.08 CapturingBeauty2.05


  1. Rachel   •  

    Jen these are BEAUTIFUL!<3 i love the first picture with the different colored tree! :D

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks, Rachel! I love when you comment on my pictures letting me know which ones are your favorites! :) I love that tree too!

  2. Jon   •  

    Love ‘em! #4 is awesome!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks! :)

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