Birthday Party . Gavin & Jenna Owens

Owens Birthday 001

Last Saturday, I attended one of the best thrown “themed” Birthday parties I have ever been to. Not only that, but I had the opportunity to take pictures of the entire extravaganza! Seeing a room full of preschoolers and their parents enjoying the Carnival themed party was nothing short of an absolute blast! And it was quite the carnival! Large inflatables, food, games, prizes, cake, a clown, and presents; it was what every child (and adult!) thinks of when they dream of what their ultimate Birthday Party would be.

The best part of the entire party was how much fun the Birthday siblings had on their big day. Jenna and Gavin, who turned 4 and 5 respectively, didn’t stop smiling or laughing through the entire event. It was great to be a part of such an amazing Birthday Party for two kids who truly enjoyed each and every second of their day.

To Gavin and Jenna – Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Party! And to the rest of the family, thank you for allowing me to take photos at your event!

Owens Birthday 001 Owens Birthday 002 Owens Birthday 003 Owens Birthday 004 Owens Birthday 005 Owens Birthday 006 Owens Birthday 007 Owens Birthday 008 Owens Birthday 009 Owens Birthday 010 Owens Birthday 011 Owens Birthday 012 Owens Birthday 013 Owens Birthday 015 Owens Birthday 016 Owens Birthday 018 Owens Birthday 019 Owens Birthday 014 Owens Birthday 017

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