B1E . Hall Event

B1E 015

I must admit, I felt a little nostalgic going into this shoot with the girls from Bowie first east. During my time at CBC, I spent two wonderful years living on that hall – two years spending countless hours laughing and staying up late with the other girls on the hall. It was so great to have the opportunity to capture some of the memory-making of the current group of girls who are living there. The weather couldn’t have been better for a photo shoot at Nathanael Greene Park, and these girls made the afternoon lively and fun!

To all the girls from B1E: From the time we started taking pictures until the very last frame, I don’t think I stopped laughing for a second. You are all so full of energy and life! Thank you for allowing me to spend the afternoon taking pictures for your hall event! I hope you all get to share many more moments together making memories of your time at CBC.

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  1. Jon   •  

    Love the colors in these!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thank you! It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

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