Alaska 21

When I first started this site, I had no intention of doing much, if any, landscape photography. I get so much joy out of taking photographs of people, that I thought there couldn’t be much fun in taking pictures of landscapes. However, when my husband and I decided to take a week trip to Alaska where he grew up, I jumped at the opportunity to dabble into landscape photography. I am so happy that I did. Even though I thought I would miss capturing the “personality” of the person being photographed, I quickly found myself being faced with a new set of challenges and rewards – trying to truly capture the bright colors and beautiful, breath-taking scenary of Alaska. My goal was to use this opportunity to the fullest, trying to find the best lighting to capture the most vivid colors and best depth of field that would truly make the landscape of Alaska pop. With all of the different elements to take into consideration, I found that landscape photography really can be as enjoyable as taking portraits.

We stayed in the Anchorage area for most of the trip. In this blog post, you will see pictures of Flat Top Mountain, Portage Glacier, Whittier, Mt. McKinley, The Coastal Trails, Alyeska Ski Resort, and other random spots in and near the city of Anchorage. I encourage you to take a moment to closely look over each picture carefully – I have included some sillouetted people in a couple so you can see how large everything is in comparison. And, as always, your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!

Alaska 01 Alaska 02 Alaska 03 Alaska 04 Alaska 05 Alaska 06 Alaska 07 Alaska 08 Alaska 09 Alaska 10 Alaska 11 Alaska 12 Alaska 13 Alaska 14 Alaska 15 Alaska 16 Alaska 17 Alaska 18 Alaska 19 Alaska 20 Alaska 21 Alaska 22 Alaska 23


  1. Kelly Bennett   •  

    We were in Alaska 2 weeks ago ourselves and the landscape is beautiful. Not sure how anyone could every say that our country is not beautiful or that there is no God that created our world.

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks for the comment, Kelly! Where did you guys go? Were you on a cruise? I have heard that the cruises to Alaska are fabulous! We stayed near Anchorage for the majority of our trip – I couldn’t believe that we could see the city, the mountains, and the ocean all at the same time! It was awesome!

  2. Susie Brothers   •  

    Love these Jen! Alaska’s scenery is breathtaking!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks, Susie! If you ever get the chance to go, do it! :)

  3. Rebecca   •  

    I love these Jen! Great job! Wow Alaska is beautiful!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks for the comment and for checking out this post! :) I am convinced that Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  4. Jon   •  

    Love these shots! You did an awesome job capturing the beauty of Alaska! Favs: 3, 5, 6, 9, 16, 21, and 22.

    Yes, that’s a lot of favs – but that’s what happens when they’re all so good!! :)

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Yes, that is indeed a lot of favorites – I’m glad you like them! Thank you for the compliment too! I do appreciate it a lot! :)

  5. Bobby Hill   •  

    Alaska 6, 8, 16, and 23 are my favorites. Probably 16 though. AWESOME!!!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks, Bobby! I like a lot of the same ones. 16 was a really cool one to get – the sun was setting to the left of where we were and it was creating awesome colors in the sky against the graffiti. It was so cool!

  6. Rachel   •  

    AH!im so jealous that i didn’t get to go!THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!i love these so much! But,i gotta say, #14 is my favorite :D aaaahhh so awesome!!!!! <3

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thank you, Rachel! I like #14 too – mainly because of all of the work it took to climb a mountain in Toms. It’s not easy, but it made for some good photos!

  7. Nana   •  

    Jen, the pics are beautiful! They are all my favorites!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thank you, Nana! :) I’m glad you like them all!

  8. Donna Barnes   •  

    Jen…these pictures are beautiful! We went on a cruise to Alaska a couple of years ago and loved it! We took the train trip to Denali National Park also, so we went to Anchorage and on to Fairbanks. It was a fabulous trip and I loved the scenery! These pictures brought back many memories. You did a fantastic job showing the beauty of Alaska, but the credit for creating this…of course, belongs to God! He must love us a lot to allow us to see , and live in such a beautiful world. Keep up the good work!!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Thanks for checking out the post and for your comment! I couldn’t agree more with you that God has created such beauty for us to enjoy because of his great love for us. :)

  9. Russ Leatherberry   •  

    Wow! We are jealous! Pat & I will make it back to Alaska someday!

    • jen_stem   •     Author

      Yes, you will! I remember you both talking so much about how you love Alaska! HAHA. Thanks for checking out the website! :)

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